Friday, July 2, 2010

Bring It

As I'm going through P90X, the first month is over and thus comes the much needed recovery week. It's been a rough three weeks, with me initially unable to complete almost all the videos all the way without added breaks, but gradually moving to being able to keep up with Tony in plyometrics and "legs and back."

Thinking this recovery week was going to be a breeze compared to the normal program, I didn't bring a successful mindset to "Core Synergistic." Yoga is probably the hardest program right now for me, and it preceded the core synergistic; I thought the hard part was over (until tomorrow... which is yoga again).

When the program started hitting me with plank runs, and jail-cell pushups, I ran out of juice. My ego was super hurt. The next two days, I followed the schedule, eager to try synergistic again. Today, I finally got to do it again.

My muscles responded much better today. I did the same number of reps for everything and actually completed the whole program plus a few of the bonus rounds without feeling any stronger.

A correct mindset is a must.


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